SSCC Youth Ministry




SSCC Youth Ministry exist to lead students to LOVE, FOLLOW, and LIVE for Christ.


LOVE Jesus said to them, "If God were your Father, you would LOVE me (John 8:42).

FOLLOW FOLLOW me, and I will make you fishers of men (Matthew 4:19).
LIVE For to me to LIVE is Christ, and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21).



  Sunday Worship Service 12:10PM Chapel
  Sunday Bible Study 11:00AM 2 & 3 Floor Classrooms
  Sunday Student Prayer Meeting 10:45AM 3rd Floor Young Adult's Lounge
  Wednesday "DRIVE" Discipleship Training 7:30PM 3rd Floor Young Adult's Lounge
  Friday FNL 7:30PM Chapel
  Saturday Teacher's Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 7:30AM  


  • Youth Pastor: James Park (
  • Pastoral Intern: Joseph Seo (
  • Youth Director: Deacon Sam Lee (


  • Pastor Danny Lim (11-12th Grade Boys)
  • Kathy Kurinsky (11-12th Grade Girls)
  • Jihwan Lee (10th Grade Boys)
  • Jennifer Kang (10th Grade Girls)
  • Ron Compton (9th Grade Boys)
  • Jinah Choi (9th Grade Girls)
  • David Moon (8th Grade Boys)
  • Felicia Tan (7-8th Grade Girls)
  • Francis Lee (7th Grade Boys) 
  • Joseph Seo (6th Grade Boys, Middle School Ministry)
  • Joanna Choi (6th Grade Girls)


  • Gospel Love (Feb)
  • Spring Break Hiking Trip (Mar/Apr)
  • Easter Baptism (Mar/Apr)
  • Missions Training (May)
  • End of School Party (Jun)
  • Summer Retreat (July)
  • Domestic Misison Trip (July)
  • See You at the Pole (Sep)
  • Love Festival (Oct)
  • Bethleham Night (Dec)
  • Winter Retreat (Dec)